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  • Reduce processing costs and save time assessing and approving payment applications
  • Improve collaboration, communication, and transparency with your subcontractors
  • Simplify the progress claim approvals process - and make life easier for your project & account teams in 2021



Rethink your traditional processes

While the industry might have slowed down, it's a prime opportunity to rethink and review your processes to emerge stronger than ever.

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Enhance efficiency and business continuity

Minimise disruption to the way your business works. 

Tier 1 companies like ADCO Constructions and Mirvac have seen a reduction in processing costs by up to 50%. Imagine what those kinds of savings could do for your business.

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Payapps on Laptop and Phone

Empower a remote team

Your people are your most valuable resource. Streamline your traditional payment application processes and let them focus on what they do best.

Enable your project and account teams to remain engaged and productive. With Payapps, they can continue managing project status', variations, and retention from a platform - whether onsite or in the office.

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